Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Trademark policies
All content on this website including the logo, graphics, text, design, is the property of IHS and protected by copyright. No part of the content shall be copied, downloaded, uploaded, published and transmitted without prior, written permission. Infinite Health Studios is a registered trademark.For any questions, doubts or confusion in regard to any of the terms & conditions please seek clarifications from us through email (partners@infinitehs.com). It is always advisable to wait for a written clarification from us before using any service on the website, in case of confusion.

Return and Refund-
As we are a service based segment /Industry with offerings related to customised services ,delivering healthcare and wellness services this stands non applicable as whatever rebate or any compensation needs to be done will be done via manual return post consumption and utilisation seen or quality of deliverables.

Again as a service based company this stands non applicable

Cancellation & Amendment
Cancellation of any order must be informed at least 48-72 hours prior to the delivery date of the service , Any cancellation request within this time will be regarded as short notice cancellation and will be charged accordingly.There is no possibility of cancellation of our services which is in the process of preparation or is already prepared and the advance amount is non-refundable in such a case. If, for any reason you wish to amend your order (date of delivery/address/time of delivery/design/service type or partner availability to deliver the service ), I.H.S will try to accommodate these changes without any additional charges, provided sufficient notice is given. All changes must be intimated via email or call and only after a confirmed email reply will it be applicable.

User Registration Terms-
The User agrees to provide true and accurate information. I.H.S. reserves the right to check and validate the provided details. If User details are not found to be true (wholly/partly), I.H.S holds to right to debar the User from using the services of I.H.S website. If you are a non-registered user you agree that upon reviewing the order at the website a user account will be auto-created for you and the access to the same will be communicated to your email address provided.
The user agrees to immediately notify any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security.

I.H.S. reserves the right to accept and reject any service order based on availability of network partners , labs , hospitals , specialists or any other onsite deployment Services along with health testing and check ups

For order and home delivery of regular menu items, necessary payment shall be made through NEFT/PAYTM/IMPS/RTGS or use of Debit/credit or International cards.

Applicable taxes will be charged extra on every order.
For booking of custom on bulk orders for onsite services , non-refundable 30-40% advance payment of the total amount is required to facilitate which will depend on case to case , in some cases like vaccination , cob testing 100% of the advance payment is required.

In a credit card transaction, the User must pay using his/her own credit card. Additionally, I.H.S. shall not be liable for any credit card fraud.