To establish I.H.S as a premier in Health and Wellness sector with a finesse in Yoga & other fitness and wellness services. The agenda is to be an outstanding leader to the society by meeting all standards of excellence in order to produce globally accepted trainers in the industry.

The goal is to increase the diversification of I.H.S all over India and abroad as well, in order to create a wellness approach that boasts of improvement in individual lives. I.H.S’s role in the upcoming time is to continue giving the best of the services through various awareness campaigns among the generic audience so as to promote the importance of healthy lifestyle.

We have a dedicated team of members who are committed passionately to achieve the goals of I.H.S, and inspiring the next generations to be actively aware of the necessity of Wellness. I.H.S. is striving passionately to add and contribute towards wellness approach in all the segments.

To facilitate and develop righteous lifestyle management to cure body, mind and soul and to provide access to expertise with a concentrated outlook towards healthcare is the driving force behind our work.